Tour Schedule

  • Visit and tour the second week week

    Day 1 ( July 31, 2016 )

    traffic: Bus ; line: Princeton - Washington


    After breakfast visit to Princeton University , the afternoon drive to Washington .
    Princeton University (Princeton University) was founded in 1746 , it is one of nine where the Academy of American colonies before the revolution the establishment , but also the fourth- oldest institution of higher education . There have been 37 Nobel winners , 17 National Medal of Science winners, 7 Fields Medalist , 9 Turing Award winner .
    Washington Americans affectionately known as " the heart of the country ," the United States will visit the White House, the Presidential Palace , 169 meters high Washington Monument , Capitol ( aka Capitol Hill ) , Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial .

  • Day 2 ( August 1, 2016 )

    traffic: Bus ; line: Washington - Philadelphia - New York ; meal: BLD


    After breakfast, visit the National Museum of Art , Air and Space Museum , etc. , to the United States after the old capital , to publish the Declaration of Independence - Philadelphia , visit Independence Hall , the Liberty Bell , etc. , and visit one of the five American Symphony Orchestra and the Philadelphia Orchestra pianist Lang Lang's alma mater - the famous Curtis Institute of Music . Evening arrival in New Jersey hotel.

  • Day 3 ( August 2, 2016 )

    traffic: Bus ; line: New Jersey - Yale - Boston ; meal: BLD


    Visit Yale University , it is the top three Ivy League University , the world-famous School of Drama . Chinese famous talented woman , architect Huiyin have school here.
    Tour Boston (Boston) city , which is located in the northeastern United States Atlantic coast , is Europe's first Puritans landed in America established by the city , is one of America's oldest , most historical and cultural value of the city, is also the nation's population by highest level of education city, where has the most famous Harvard University (Harvard University) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( referred to as the MIT).
    Harvard University was founded in 1636 , thanks to the donation of a young clergyman John Harvard made ​​and named for the nation's oldest institution of higher learning . Harvard gave birth to eight American presidents, more than 150 Nobel laureates and 62 world -class rich .

  • Day 4 ( August 3, 2016 )

    traffic: Bus ; line: Boston - Great Falls ; meal: BLD


    After breakfast, continue to visit Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology . Then go to Niagara Falls . Arrive after dinner . After the stay at the hotel .

  • Day 5 ( August 4, 2016 )

    traffic: Bus ; line: Falls - New York ; meal: BLD


    After breakfast visit Niagara Falls . Falls in Canada and the United States at the junction of the middle area of the Niagara River , is the world's largest waterfall , one of the " seven wonders of the world " , a vertical drop of 51 meters, the huge potential of water to dump Galaxy rushed down the cliff , sound and a few miles away , shock and engaging , magnificent. After going to New York . Stay at the hotel near New York City .

  • 6th day ( August 5, 2016 )

    traffic: Bus ;line: New York Tour ; meal: BLD


    After breakfast visit to Manhattan , first came to South Street pier . After the tour of Wall Street , there are New York Stock Exchange and financial bull . After going to the world-famous Fifth Avenue . Afternoon tour of UN Headquarters (The United Nations), Rockefeller Center Square , the Empire State Building or the newly built World Trade Center. Will visit
    School of Journalism at Columbia University, an Ivy League school , the world's highest annual Journalism Awards - Pulitzer (Pulitzer Prize) is here presented . The school has 101 Nobel Prize winners . Night stay at New Jersey hotel.

  • Day 7 ( August 6, 2016 )

    traffic: Bus ; line: new York ; meal: 早午

    activity: Morning shopping in the afternoon to the airport to return to China .