2016 Princeton Festival - Let's Dream Bloom Philharmonic

Princeton Festival, referred to as " Arte ", is to bring together the Juilliard School in New York, Manhattan School of Music, the world's top musicians and music sessions versed professor character leading guide feast of art; are hosted have had Siqing concerts, Lu Siqing camp, Li Chuan Yun concerts, traditional Chinese dance, piano / violin / painting contest and other activities, " Princeton culture and Arts development Co., Ltd. " in Princeton is full of art and culture of the temple at the international summer Music Festival; " Arte "it is also a leader in energy and from around the world learn to hone rapid increase after the Philharmonic juvenile dreams wings, gorgeous bloom once more musical journey!

The Princeton Festival brings together the Juilliard School in New York, professors and people from all over the world who love the same music, the Manhattan School of Music, the number of well-known violinist, string educator, including the famous Juilliard School and Mannes College of Music Professor, this will be urged music lovers from around the world. As was praised as "professional, warm, touching, balance and harmony with the best traditions of indoor playing style," the German violinist Eric • Browder (ArikBraude); currently the Juilliard Pre-College preparatory classes and Mannes College of Music faculty, worked in the United States, Canada, Europe and many chamber Music Festival, and many have long enjoyed participating organizations and perform on the prestigious music event • Arbuckle Sophie (Sophie Arbuckle) and other masters, It is a rare opportunity and experience.

Another opportunity is the world-renowned violinist Lu Siqing music will bring a brilliant cadenza in this festival, he will not only coaching the participants in playing the 2016 Princeton Festival, in July 29 of live demonstrations with the students, the students at Princeton University Richardson Theatre held July 30 to report on Siqing master class performances, evening Siqing recital last two programs will be selected out of the outstanding performers and repertoire he performed on the same stage.

Master level characters can grow rapidly under the coaching, team collaboration more melt imperceptibly more to improve overall personal, and a high level team of professors and artistic atmosphere, and the influence of exposure to the environment in Princeton, are far better than too narrow single boring training. In a collection of strings, piano, solo, ensemble, group performances and one guidance variety of rigorous scientific training, we will be masters of music for many years quenching grind, for the children's dreams wings.

"Arte" period will be more than many world-class masters, for every student rigorous scientific training to improve our ensemble playing skills and ability to cultivate the spirit of unity and cooperation, organizing rehearsals world music, and have the opportunity and the United States, outstanding music students learn European exchanges, cooperation performances. Students can apply for a 1-hour master class every day, almost every day will also prepare some concert hall stage and the opportunity to play the master in person guidance and coaching (one master class fee attached, others included in the course fees).

This is a rare opportunity to obtain an internationally renowned musician, world-class School of Music and professor of personal guidance, and common exchanges with the United States, European students together. Music Festival and the highest specifications, occupational also stronger and strict screening applicants. After the end of the festival awarded training certificates, letters of recommendation and teachers (will apply for the top American Conservatory of great help). In this young man here by the influence of the music hall, and this summer for their future development in life have a more profound influence value!

Organizers "Princeton Culture and Arts Development Co., Ltd." is an expert in music, many concerts hosted Siqing, Siqing camp, Li Chuan Yun concert, Yin piano recitals, solo concerts Hu Wenge, Chinese traditional folk dance (the United States state government support sponsor), New Jersey piano / violin / painting competition, with a number of major groups co-sponsored Asian Heritage Festival and other activities. And adhere to the past two decades to introduce Chinese traditional culture and art of various American cultural institutions and the American public. They will also hold a concert at the same time the number of teachers and students in the field during the Princeton Festival. In addition, the festival organizers will provide participants held a week of sightseeing tours, from Washington, DC, in the world's financial and cultural center of New York, both historic Philadelphia, the City of Boston University, Ivy League universities Harvard, Yale, MIT, and one of the world wonders of Niagara Falls.

The so-called read a lot more to make trip experience can bring to the adolescent growth stage is a qualitative leap that allows them to not only have the opportunity to build a dream, a chance to stand on broad perspectives and different heights to examine their own the direction of development, to bring a different future for their lives!

Time: July 23, 2016 - August 6, 2016

Location: United States, Princeton

Organizers: Princeton Culture and Arts Development Co., Ltd.
Specialty: Western instrumental music, including piano, pipe music (woodwind and brass), strings (violin, viola, cello, and bass), and percussion. Western Vocal

Art Director: famous music professor Eric • Browder, Sophie • Arbuckle et dozen Juilliard School in New York, Manhattan School of Music and other

Curriculum: Festival, master classes, violin Intermediate, Advanced classes, ensemble training session.Each participant will receive at least during the 4 hours one to one guidance of a chamber music guide. Students can also apply for one hour per day master class (Hall preparatory performances, an average of 20 minutes per stage performance guidance). Students will have daily ensemble rehearsals and performances (complimentary concert hall piano accompaniment and professional use)

Rehearsal Tracks: From the Baroque period to the 21st century classical classical repertoire, such as Tchaikovsky, Sibelius, Brahms, etc. violin Concerto; Wilton, Bartok's viola music; from Vivaldi to Piazzolla period orchestras; chamber music including string quartet, piano trio, piano quartet, piano quintet and the likes. Also welcomed the participant’s choice track.

Calendar of Events:

July 23, 2016 - August 6, 2016 (see separate sheet)

Fees: The festival plans to enroll 45 students, a limited amount.

Registration before March 27, Shipping costs $3700.00 (including 27).

After registration fee of $3900.00. (Including application fee, this fee, in the United States during accommodation, transportation, training, performance, travel, visit, insurance, etc.

This fee does not include all costs: the cost of visas, Chinese domestic air tickets, international air tickets, or shopping in the United States during dinner other personal consumption costs).

Payment Info:

Festival designated International Travel Account name: Beijing Huafeng International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Account: 01090306100120109017285.

Bank: Branch of Bank of Beijing Temple.

Note: as a result of force majeure (uncontrollable factors such as wars, earthquakes, a large area of infectious diseases, etc.) caused Festival canceled, in addition to the registration fee and expenses already incurred, return all the fees.

As the applicant after visa canceled plans to attend, in principle, to a refund, unless for very special cases, children, disease, after deducting the application fee, visa fee and breach of paragraph 5 thousand dollars, as appropriate refund.

Apply: Each student must provide a standard image and no more than three minutes of video performance (the application form can be uploaded via the website, if the file is too large to be able to email: application@princetonart.com)

Registration Mode: see the website dedicated application form page

Student Age: 13 to 18 years

Registration Deadline: April 10, 2016

Princeton Art and Cultural Development, LLC.

Payment Information : Participation in Princeton Festival charges wire transfer to the Bank of America sign Festival student, please RMB converted into US dollars or directly to the USD $ 3700 ( price ) or $ 3900 ( normal price ) included Princeton Culture and Art Development Co., Ltd. account. Beneficiary's Bank Account (Account Number): 381043228005 Beneficiary bank name (Bank Name): Bank of America Bank address (Bank Address): 1066 Lexington Ave. New York, NY 10021, USA payee name (Account Name): Princeton Art and Cultural Development Beneficiary address (account address); 205 E 78th St. # 8G, New York, NY 10075-1248, USA remittance route number (Routing number): 021200339 Beneficiary Bank in its correspondent accounts (SWIFT Code): BOFAUS3N abroad expense : remitter bear

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