"Flying dreams, the pursuit of excellence"

Princeton Festival
Famous professor and school, great experience

Princeton is located in the "Garden State (Garden State)" the east coast of New Jersey, the United States. Princeton University has 200 years of history, is world-famous, from the discovery of "the theory of relativity," the physicist Albert Einstein, was given to "A Beautiful Mind," the mathematician Nash, and a large number of Nobel Prize winners. Over the past decade, it is repeatedly ranked No.1 in the "American University Rankings”. Those who have been to Princeton campus, all praised its simple and elegant landmark Alexander Castle, Richardson Theater has 120 years of history is exquisite. In the school year, Princeton University 270 anniversary of this splendid art gallery will be opened a new page in China and US cultural exchanges - the first Princeton Festival will be held at Princeton University at the end of July 2016.

The slogan of the first Princeton Art Festival is "flying dream, the pursuit of excellence," focus on building suitable for display and promotion of adolescent artistic talent, innovation, and expand the growth of adolescent life stage. The festival has the following features:

1.Famous School and Professors:

The festival will be held in famous Princeton University, its training base will choose in the nationally recognized College of New Jersey -The College of New Jersey, the College was founded in 1855, is ranked first in the eastern United States, the nation's public ARTS top five ranking, "Forbes" magazine commentary it as "the best public college", "Introduction Barron American institutions," the commentary it is " the nation's most competitive colleges "," Princeton Review "is the commentary it is" the most excellent school university life. " Princeton this festival brings together the Juilliard School in New York, Mannes School of Music, College of New Jersey Department of Music, and other famous well-known professors, lecturers and famous musicians. The festival served as artistic director of two are being hailed as "having the best of traditional indoor playing style," the famous German violinist Eric Browder (ArikBraude) and long-term teaching at the Juilliard School Foundation and Mannes College of Music preparatory Department, has extensive teaching experience in the United States, Canada, Europe organized many music festivals, Arbuckle Sophie - the first festival "Special Artist" for the world-renowned violinist, Paganini International Violin Competition Gold Medal, and the winner of the first Chinese SiqingLvmaster.

2. Curriculum and Instruction:

The festival first by applying for a student posted or transmitted to prove their artistic talents of recorded video by the festival committee decides whether to admit. Once, after admission, the student will be determined according to the level of repertoire, and in the form of a small class of targeted training, while also offering advanced large class artistic accomplishments of students and stage performance ability. The student can choose a professor if he or she likes, but also can reserve one to one courses. American university professors supply an opportunity to the students who want to improve listening and speaking ability, also college will provide the necessary translation. Students in the Art Festival will also work with American high school students and music school students. During this week, every two days there will be a mini concert, training students’ stage presence and ability to improvise. Finally, on July 30, there will be an exciting performance in the theater of a centuries Richardson, will enable each student to fully display their talents, realize their potential. Additionally, the organizing committee also invited the famous violinist Siqing Lu held master classes, and on-site to answer questions about practicing, competition, exam science, education and other aspects of the problem, so that students can study one to one, communicate heart to heart. Master Lu Siqing closing ceremony will be held a special performance, not only can learn from each student, but also there will be a chance to play with Master Lu on the stage.

3. Focus and Rich:

This year's festival a total of two weeks, the first week of intensive training and performance week, with the famous teachers held performances at the international level, participation in terms of competition experience, focusing on technical skills, stage presence, art training, English communication and other aspects of training, in addition to the classical theater, will be deep into the park or community performances, especially with the United States high school students and music school students learn the same stage, but also increase learning opportunities for exchanges.

The second week will be a tour to the east coast city of New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Boston and the world's largest waterfall - Niagara Falls, will also visit the former residence of Albert Einstein in Princeton, Philadelphia, Lang Lang's Alma Mater - Curtis School of Music and the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Nobel laureate of Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale University School of drama (Huiyin Lin studied here), the highest award of the World Press in Columbia University, "Pulitzer Prize", and understand the United States schools admission criteria, application procedures, college life, etc. In short, this year's festival for the students is a comprehensive improvement process, but also a rich journey of life, so that they experience a combination of science and art spiritual leader. For those who want to enter US Universities and Arts department students, it is a rare opportunity to receive comprehensive guidance, will be able to improve the chances of admission. (For more details, see the training and performance schedule visit itinerary)

4. Safety and Security:

The festival occupancy The College of New Jersey, fully enclosed to ensure the safety of the students without any worries, experiential training experience as a fine reduction of pre-university training. Comfortable living environment, clean toilets and laundry room, dining-rich foods, complete sports facilities, modern library, music room and concert hall, offers a good study and living conditions for the students.

Every 15 students with a teacher led and corresponding US counselor, led teachers and counselor to provide students with effective guidance. Each student from departure to return to our country, the insurance will follow. Particularly, during the United States, $ 1 million accident insurance will be provided for each student.

5. Results and Benefits:

Those who will participate in the Princeton Art Festival, students will receive the certificate from organizers, which will be signed by the musicians. For the future growth of schooling, the Festival Committee will provide assistance, including students who participated in the festival to provide a professor recommendation letter from American universities, to help students enter the US top universities Art Department to study.

The festival performances will release the video on the official website of the festival (www.princetonart.com) and the North American world of the Internet TV, will give China Central Television, the American Chinese TV, Phoenix TV, People's Daily Overseas Edition video reports, People's Daily, Xinhua, Tencent, Sina, Sohu, Netease, dozens of networks and print media will also be reported. US Chinese-language newspaper will also publish special editions, about the Princeton Art Festival activities include students’ introduction, this will be an important background for future American university application. Feature documentary "Dream Journey - First Princeton Art Festival documentary" will also be shooting for each student memorable moment.

President of the American College of New Jersey , Dr. Yue Hanlao Dayton Art Institute (Dr. John C. Laughton) welcomes you - ! ! " We are very pleased to welcome to welcome you to come to College of New Jersey , and the students in our music department together to complete your music creation!"

Princeton Festival artistic director Arik Broadbent (Arik Braude) greeting :!. "Hello, hello I'm Arik - Browder , Princeton Festival artistic director we warmly welcome you and look forward to the end of July this year He came to the United States .

! Princeton Festival artistic director Sophie Arbuckle (Sophie Arbuckle) greeting : " Hello I'm Sophie - Arbuckle , one of Princeton Festival artistic director and I am looking forward to meet you at Princeton . ! "