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August 2, 2020 – August 8, 2020

Student Information / 学生信息
First Name / 名 *
Middle Name / 中间名
Last Name / 姓 *
Gender / 性别 *
Date of Birth / 出生日期*
Nationality / 国籍*
Home Address / 家庭住址*
Email / 电子邮箱*
Mobile Phone / 手机*
Current School / 就读学校*
Fill in your intended study category / 选择参加的类别*
Keyboard: Piano, Harpsichord, Organ/ 键盘乐: 钢琴,古键琴, 风琴
Strings: Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Double bass, Harp / 弦乐:小提琴, 中提琴, 大提琴,低音大提琴, 竖琴
Woodwind: Flute, oboe, Clarinet, bassoon, Saxophone / 木管: 長笛, 双簧管,單簧管, 巴松管,萨克斯风
Brass: Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Tuba / 铜管:小号, 圆号, 伸缩号, 大号
Percussion / 打击乐器
Vocal: Arts song, Opera / 声乐: 艺术歌曲, 歌剧
Do you need English interpretation in class? / 你听课需要英语翻译吗? *
Please specify if you have any drug and food allergies / 请列出你对哪些药物或食物过敏 *

How did you hear about Princeton International Arts Festival (PIAF)? (Teacher, Media, WeChat, etc.)
/ 你是通过什么途径知道普林斯顿国际艺术节的?(教师,媒体宣传,微信等)
Parents Information / 父母信息
Father’s Name / 父亲姓名 *
Eamil / 电子邮箱 *
Mobile Phone / 手机 *
Mother’s Name / 母亲姓名 *
Eamil / 电子邮箱 *
Mobile Phone / 手机 *

( If you are under 18 and live with your guardian, please provide guardian information / 如果你是18岁以下并且与你的监护人同住请填写 ) Guardian Information / 监护人信息
Guardian’s Name / 监护人姓名
Relationship to Applicant / 与申请人关系
Eamil / 电子邮箱
Mobile Phone / 手机
Select Participant Type / 请选择一个 *

All international applicants must select Residential Student / 所有国际学生必须选择住校
Commute Student is for local U.S. applicants only / 走读仅限美国当地学生

Select Payment Type / 请选择你的付款方式*

Other Requirements /其它材料

Applicant should email a pre-screening audition recording not exceeding 15 minutes in length. Include two music pieces in contrasting styles from two different periods. / 请自行选录两首不同风格及时期的作品,时间不超过十五分钟。我们需要你将你的演奏视频发送到:

For student under 18, the parent consent form is required with the application. Please download the form and email to us before May 15, 2020 / 18岁以下的学生需要家长填写家长同意书,请下载填写,在2020年5月15号之前扫描后通过电子邮箱寄给我们。

Parent Consent Form

Please attach an up-to-date Student Medical Form and email it to us before May 15, 2020
学生健康表请下载并完成, 在2020年5月15号之前扫描后通过电子邮箱寄给我们。

PIAF Student Medical Form

We will send you a notification after receiving your completed application. / 我们在收到你的申请表和演奏视频后, 将通过电子邮件发送录取通知。

Payment Information: / 付款信息:

All the required forms, please send to: / 所有表格和材料请寄到: Or US mail post office: / 美国邮局地址: PIAF, P.O. Box 2, Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852